How do I join Refreshing Rewards?

  • Refreshing Rewards keychain cards are available to guests at the checkout counter. Remember to register your card on our Refreshing Rewards app or online at mythorntons.com/refreshing-rewards. We no longer distribute full-sized rewards cards.
  • Don’t want a physical card?
    1. Download our Refreshing Rewards app on the iTunes Store or Google Play Store and sign up there.
    2. Don’t have a smartphone? Visit mythorntons.com/refreshing-rewards and create a Virtual Account.

How do I register my account?

Have a keychain card? Simply click here to start the registration process and follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Sign Up’
  2. Select ‘Register My Card now’
  3. Enter your 16 digit card number
  4. Enter a 4 digit
  5. Create an alternate ID (phone number) and a valid email address so that you receive our weekly offers

How do I update my account?

  • To update your account, click here. Still having trouble? Give our Guest Services team a call: 1-866-473-0017 8am – 5pm Eastern time, Monday - Friday.

What is an alternate ID and what do I use it for?

  • An alternate ID is the phone number you assign to your Refreshing Rewards account that you can enter at the pump or cash register before you make a purchase instead of swiping a physical RR card so that you receive your fuel discount or get credit for a purchase made in our rewards program.

How do I reset my password to my account?

  • Click on “Forgot email/Password?” from the Refreshing Rewards main page, and type in your email address, username, card number or telephone number and you will receive an email with directions to change your password.

Why did my reward/discount not work?

  • When you receive a reward from us via email or app, please make sure to click on the “Load to Card” button and this will load the reward to your card. See below.
  • If you did click the “Load to Card” button and the reward failed to load, please contact our Guest Services team by emailing guestservices@mythorntons.com or for more immediate service, please call: 1-866-473-0017 8am – 5pm Eastern time, Monday - Friday.

Why did a spouse/friend receive a reward/discount but I did not?

  • Reward offers can vary and are random.

Why haven’t I received a Refreshing Rewards offer in a while?

  • We group our rewards members periodically, so hang tight because you should be receiving a reward soon! In the meantime, please make sure your email address tied to your Refreshing Rewards account is valid and one you check regularly. We send your rewards to that email address as well as load them onto your Refreshing Rewards app.
  • Still not receiving rewards? Contact Guest Services and we will look into the issue. 1-866-473-0017 8am – 5pm Eastern time, Monday - Friday.

Why is my discount a different amount or on a different day?

  • Our fuel discounts often change in the amount of discount and how often they are sent. Make sure to download our mobile app so that you can always check for available discounts when you visit.

How do I receive email receipts?

  • Click here and login to your Refresh Rewards account. Click on the My Account link.
  • Next, click on Edit My Account link. You will be able to make any changes to your account such as receiving email offers and receipts.

Tobacco Offers

How do I sign up for the tobacco offers?

  • Click here to sign up or update your communication preferences about tobacco offers.

How do I receive tobacco offers?

Become a Refreshing Rewards member and open the Refreshing Rewards mobile app.

  • On the Tobacco Offers screen, click on “Yes, I’m Interested!”
  • Click on the brand you would like to receive offers from
  • Sign in to become age-verified as 21 or older and you will start receiving benefits

How do I change my tobacco offer preferences?

  • You can change your tobacco offer preferences by logging into your Refreshing Rewards app.
  • Once logged in, click on “My Account”, then “Communication Preferences” and click on “Sign up for Tobacco Offers”.

  • You can also change your tobacco offer preferences online by logging in here

  • Click on ‘My Account’, followed by ‘Edit My Account’ then ‘Communication Preferences.” Change your ‘Opt In For Tobacco offers’ selection and click ‘Update Account.’

FREEquency Clubs

What is the FREEquency Club program?

  • FREEquency Clubs are a way for you to earn free items (Club Rewards) while making in-store purchases! To see a full list of our current Clubs, click here.

Who qualifies for FREEquency Clubs program?

  • Existing guests using a registered Refreshing Rewards card or alternate id (phone number.) New guests who register for Refreshing Rewards will automatically be enrolled in the FREEquency Clubs program.

How do I track club status?

  • You can track your punches in each club in the Refreshing Rewards mobile app or by logging into your account at RefreshingReawards.com. Quantity of earned punches will also show on guest facing POS screen and at bottom of your receipt.

What items are included in each of the new clubs?

  • Refer to RefreshingRewards.com for complete list or click here.

How do I redeem a Club Reward once earned?

  • Your free Club Reward will automatically ring as FREE during the next qualified transaction.

How long is the Club Reward good for?

  • Earned Club Rewards are valid for 14 days. Expiration of an earned reward can be viewed in the Refreshing Rewards mobile app or by logging in at RefreshingRewards.com.

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Mobile App

How do I set my favorite location?

  • Our app uses GPS to display the location nearest you. You can click on locations to search for our other locations. Setting your favorite location is NOT currently available.

My location settings are incorrect. How do I reset my location to see the nearest Thorntons?

  • First, please check your phone location settings under ‘Thorntons’ and make sure that you’re sharing your location. If you’re still experiencing issues with your location settings within the Refreshing Rewards app, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the Refreshing Rewards app.

Refreshing Rewards - Pump First

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