Refreshing Rewards

How do I join Refreshing Rewards

How do I register my account?

Have a keychain card? Simply click here to start the registration process and follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Sign Up’
  2. Select ‘Register My Card now’
  3. Enter your 16 digit card number
  4. Enter a 4 digit
  5. Create an alternate ID (phone number) and a valid email address so that you receive our weekly offers

How do I update my account?

What is an alternate ID and what do I use it for?

How do I reset my password to my account?

Why did my reward/discount not work?

Why haven’t I received a Refreshing Rewards offer in a while?

What is the FREEquency Club program?

Who qualifies for FREEquency Clubs program?

How do I track club status?

What items are included in each of the new clubs?

How do I redeem a Club Reward once earned?

How long is the Club Reward good for?

See our current exclusive offers & sweepstakes here!

Why did a spouse/friend receive a reward/discount but I did not?

How do I set my favorite location?

My location settings are incorrect. How do I reset my location to see the nearest Thorntons?

How do I sign up for the tobacco offers?

How to receive smoker offers!

Become a Refreshing Rewards member and open the Refreshing Rewards mobile app.

How to change your smoker offer preferences:

How do I receive email receipts?

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