Thorntons FleetWorks is there for you when you’re on the go! With two fleet card offerings,
Thorntons has the right solution for your business.

Thorntons FleetWorks Card is accepted at all Thorntons locations.

The Thorntons FleetWorks Nationwide Card provides more flexibility and is accepted at 90% of U.S. retail fuel locations. Your drivers will always be able to fuel up when and where they want. The card is also accepted at 45,000 service and maintenance locations nationwide.

Additional Features

  • Driver ID and odometer required at time of purchase for ultimate security.
  • Detailed monthly reporting telling you who bought what, when, where, and for how much.
  • Online Services allow for the canceling of lost or stolen cards immediately.
  • Purchase Controls allow you to set rules for how much your drivers buy, how often, and when.
  • Customer Service is available 24/7 to assist drivers and managers with questions.

Fill out the online application to apply today!

Apply for Thorntons Fleetworks
Thorntons Fleetworks Nationwide

Call Thorntons’ Fleet Team at 800-928-8022 option 1, extension 296 to ask questions or receive an application via email.

Trucking Companies & Owner Operators

Thorntons QuikQ Universal Card is the solution for any Carrier regardless of size.


• Cash price at all truck stops
• Can add any direct discount and
some affiliates too
• Weekly reporting
• Carrier controls
• Integration to TMS
• Purchase controls
• Online portal


• We want to help carriers!
• Laser focused on the carrier and
driver experience
• No fuel transaction fees at Thorntons
• Ease of use
• Low fees at any stop on the QuikQ network


• Purchase controls by driver, truck,
and location
• Intuitive real-time reporting
• Q-Checks for incidental payments
• Mobile app, online account management
• Compliance: Fuel tax
• Nationwide fueling network
• Instant POS discounts


Call Thorntons’ Fleet Team at 800-928-8022 option 1, extension 296 to ask questions or receive an application via email.

Real Pros Deserve
Real Rewards.


At Thorntons, we believe it’s important to stand behind everything we sell. Rest assured that every gallon of fuel you buy from us is the highest quality available. Whether it’s our Unleaded, Unleaded 15, or E85, we’ve got the right fuel for your vehicle.

E85 can be used in all Flex Fuel Vehicles manufactured after 2008 (2006 for GM vehicles). It is a gasoline-ethanol blend containing up to 85% ethanol. Since ethanol is biodegradable, non-toxic, and water-soluble, E85 contains roughly 80% less of the contaminants that can be found in Unleaded gasoline.

Unleaded 88, also known as Unleaded 15™ at select Thorntons locations provides an octane rating of 88. It contains approximately 15% ethanol and is approved by the EPA for use in model year 2001 or newer cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, and Flex Fuel Vehicles. Consult your vehicle’s manufacturer for compatibility and warranty details. Unleaded 88 is the most tested fuel in the marketplace to date, typically costs less than Unleaded, and is widely believed to deliver better performance and fewer harmful emissions.